Completing the Picture

More and more people are using donor sperm to help them conceive a child and now, more of them than ever are now choosing Midwest Sperm Bank.

Through a combination of personal care, high quality individualized service and our high standards for donor screening and cryopreserved semen, we have become the largest sperm bank offering all cryogenetic services in the Chicago area.

Midwest Sperm Bank offers courier delivery for a nominal fee to locations within the Chicago area and FED EX delivery to anywhere else in the U.S.  Please call 630-810-0217 for pricing details.

April Specials: Donor #’s 372, 528, 535 and 577, $350 / 1 vial or $300 for multiple vials. Super Special: Donor 554 $300 per vial.

OPEN DONORS now available. Call for more information

Our Quality Standards

We stand behind our specimen quality. All our vials are washed and IUI, ICU, and IVF ready

Genetic Screening

We have the most extensive screening of any sperm bank in the US. We screen for over 100 recessive disorders.

Completing the Picture

More and more women today are using donor sperm to help them conceive a child. And more of them are now choosing Midwest Sperm Bank.

Photo Assisted Selection

Clients can simply send us a photograph of either themselves, their husbands or another individual of their choosing, and our staff will rank potential donors according to their resemblance to the photograph.

Chicago’s Total Cryogenic Center

Who We Are

At Midwest Sperm Bank, we work with heterosexual couples, lesbian couples, and single women of all races, religious and ethnic backgrounds.
We are here to guide and support you on your journey to parenthood.  Our ultimate goal is to make your experience as positive and rewarding as possible. Whether it’s answering questions or celebrating your pregnancy, we’re here for you every step of the way. Midwest Sperm Bank wants to help you achieve your dream of giving birth to a child of your very own.

Our Top Priority

Midwest Sperm Bank makes your personal needs as the prospective mother our top priority. Therefore, we maintain the highest standards of quality control and assurance with regard to all of our cryopreserved donor semen.