Shipment and Delivery

All Midwest Sperm Bank specimens are shipped in liquid nitrogen “DRY” shippers. The liquid nitrogen refrigerant is absorbed within the walls of the tanks which keeps the specimens frozen for 7 days from the date of shipment from Midwest Sperm Bank.

The appropriate procedures for thawing and handling the cryopreserved specimens are included with each shipment. Midwest Sperm Bank provides sperm count, motility and grade values with each specimen shipped.

Shipment Details

All shipments are round-trip by Federal Express and pre-paid both ways, to and from a physician’s office or patient’s house.

Midwest Sperm Bank will not ship orders on Friday for a Monday delivery. Shipping requests may be as follows: Economy 2nd day; Standard Overnight; Priority Overnight; and/or Saturday Delivery. There is an additional charge of $35 for Saturday delivery and $25 for priority overnight delivery.

It is the responsibility of the physician’s office or the patient to return the liquid nitrogen “DRY” shipper to Midwest Sperm Bank within 10 days of the date of shipment in order to prevent overdue rental fees ($25.00/day). Each Federal Express shipment contains a pre-addressed return air bill.

For patients who live locally, you have the option of picking up the specimens directly from our facility. There is a $50 pick-up fee.

Please note: If the liquid nitrogen “dry shipper” tank is not returned to our facility, you will be charged the full cost of a replacement tank.


Cancellation Policy

Any revision or cancellation of an order can be accepted either in writing, via email or phone, 48 hours prior to the shipping date. No other form of communication will be acceptable to Midwest Sperm Bank.

Confirmation by phone will follow all orders whether emailed or completed on-line. If either an order is changed, or a delivery is rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice, an administrative handling fee ($50.00) will be added to the order.

Note: If a tentative shipping date was given at the time of placing an order, the order will be shipped on the tentative date previously established if Midwest Sperm Bank is not contacted prior to this date.

The patient/physician’s office will be responsible for all shipping charges.

Midwest Sperm Bank will charge a nominal cancellation fee if a tentative shipping date is given at the time of placing an order and a confirmation for shipping/delivery or cancellation of the order is not made within 2 days of the expected shipping date. In addition, the patient/physician’s account will be assessed this charge.

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