Selecting a Donor

Let us help find the right donor for you! 

. E by All patients are encouraged to select a minimum of four (4) donors from the Online Donor Catalog and list their choices in order of their preference.

If a patient’s first choice was unavailable, then the patient or the physician’s office would proceed to order their second, third or fourth choice. The number of semen specimens available for purchase on each donor varies from month to month since some specimens may not be released from quarantine. Also, there is no standard number of vials available for all donors. 

Donor availability is available to patients/physician’s offices upon request by phone.

The online catalog contains information on each donor regarding race, ethnic background, blood type, Rh factor, physical characteristics, religion, education, occupation and special interests and hobbies.

The long extensive profile (30+ pages) consists of a detailed personal and three-generation family medical and genetic history. These profiles should be reviewed carefully by the patient before selecting a donor.

We strive to give all of our clients the best chance to achieve pregnancy, we offer IUI ready pre washed vials. The way our vials are measured is the equivalent to one ejaculate. All of Midwest Sperm Bank’s vials are pre washed (IUI/ICI) ready consisting of donor sperm and cryopreservation medium. The cryopreservation medium is composed of glycerol, heat activated egg yolk, gentamicin sulfate and buffered media.  

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