Why should I be a Sperm Donor?

Maybe you are a happy single guy. You have a great career, fun friends and a healthy body. Have you ever considered sharing the love? You could help an infertile couple achieve their most precious dream of having a family of their own. But what if you are not so altruistic? Maybe you need more reasons than just helping someone you don’t know. Well here are some extra reasons to put yourself out there: 

young men smiling
young men smiling
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1. Helping an infertile couple makes you a hero! Maybe you don’t need a cape to swoop in and save the day for someone you don’t even know! What a great guy! OK, I said there were more reasons.

2. Are you broke? Well, here’s an easy way to make some money. You can get up to $70 for each donation and that can easily add up. So grab a Playboy and get to work!

3. Do you have health insurance but it’s very expensive? You could get a free physical or other health benefits from being a sperm donor. A donor must pass a series of medical tests and genetic testing. All of these are available to you so you know where you stand physically.

4. You are in great demand. So if you are feeling bad about yourself, being a sperm donor should make you change your mind about yourself. This is a great self help therapy.

5. There are other reasons our doctors, counselors and staff can give you so you should make an appointment with Midwest Fertility Center and speak to someone today!

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