Become a Donor


 Donors must be from Illinois.

become a donor

Sperm Donors Must Be:

  • At least 5’10” tall
  • Between 19 and 40 years old
  • Sexual partners are exclusively female
  • Currently attending a four-year university, or, already hold a bachelors or advanced degree
  • In good health

Donors are carefully screened and tested and as a result of our high standards of quality and assurance, less than 5% of the applicants are accepted. Each potential donor must complete a comprehensive application form and undergo screening for both infectious, communicable diseases, and sexually transmitted diseases as well as extensive genetic testing and substance abuse.

Each donor is screened for 100 recessive genetic disorders. Donor acceptance into the program is based upon a review of the results of several semen analyses, laboratory testing, a physical examination and a personal and family medical/genetic history questionnaire by the medical director. The entire screening process can take up to six weeks to complete.  At any time during this period of screening and evaluation, the potential donor may be rejected.

During the screening period, the donor may have to produce several semen samples, a urine sample and have several tubes of blood drawn for laboratory testing, resulting in the donor making several visits to the laboratory.   The donor will not receive any monetary compensation for any semen samples produced during the initial screening phases.

All donors are required by Midwest Sperm Bank to freeze a minimum of one specimen weekly for at least a 12 month period excluding holidays and vacation for a total of 50 specimens, and to be available for routine blood draws and physicals.

Each frozen sample is quarantined a minimum of 180 days and is released only upon receipt of negative quarantine test results from the donor.

If interested, please submit a Donor Information Request Form and check the box requesting more information on becoming a donor.  A Midwest Sperm Bank representative will contact you as soon as possible.