Anonymity: We Value Your Privacy

Midwest Sperm Bank’s Privacy Policy includes the following:

  • The anonymity between the donor, the recipient, and the resultant offspring of the recipient will not be compromised.
  • The donor and recipient must each sign consents which specifically acknowledges the anonymity and confidentiality between all parties.
  • Upon physician request, we will make all reasonable efforts to obtain specific additional donor medical or genetic information and testing which may be deemed a medical necessity.
  • Donor records and/or recipient files will not be destroyed and will be kept indefinitely.
  • Upon notarized authority and identification through the recipient’s physician of record, at the age of eighteen or older, the child of a recipient requests additional non-identifying information about the genetic father, Midwest Sperm Bank will make all reasonable efforts to supply that information, either from out records or by attempting to contact the donor.
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