At MSB, we offer long Term Storage for our clients who are wanting to purchase multiple vials of the same donor at once, storage for sibling births, and storage for those who will be undergoing medical procedures and would like to store their sperm before the procedure.

Sibling Storage with MSB

As of September 1, 2022, we will offer discounted storage for those who are wanting to store a donor for future siblings. In order to receive the discounted storage, please have your physician fill out the form below to report your pregnancy. For those wanting to use our sibling storage program, please inform our staff when you place the order for your prepaid vials. If you are a current client who is storing vials with us for siblings and you would like to notify us of this, please fill out the form below and call our office. 

Two years of sibling storage is $350. 


Storage Fees

If you would like to purchase multiple vials and have us store them at our facility for you, we offer long term storage with annual storage fees. Our storage fee is $300 per year. 

Long Term Storage

If you are wanting to store your sperm before a procedure, there are a few infectious diseases that you will have to be tested for before you make your appointment. Please reach out to your physician with the following list. Once you have your results, you can either email or fax them to our office. Then you will be able to set up your appointment with the Doctor to come in. Freezing for long term storage comes with a sperm analysis and consultation so you can decide how many samples you would like to freeze. 

*Please note* We do not do the testing for infectious diseases at our facility. This is something you will have to set up before you can make an appointment to visit our facility. 

The list of infectious diseases you must be tested for before you make your appointment is: 

HIV 1 and 2


Hepatitis B Core Antibody

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

Hepatitis C Antibody

Chlamydia Trachomatis

Nisseria Gonorrheae

RPR (Syphilis)

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