Anonymous Donor Vials: $475  

  • This means the donor and the intended parent have no identifying information about each other at all. Therefore, the donor can’t contact the intended parent, and the intended parent/offspring cannot contact the donor.
    Extended Profile

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    Extended Donor Profiles have a more in depth look into the Donor’s family history, the Donor’s health, and personal characteristics.

    *Bonus* Get to know our Donor’s! The Extended profiles also include open ended short answer questions that allow our Donor to describe himself and pass a message off to you!

    3 Page Profile

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    3 Page Donor Profiles contains a more in depth look at the Donor’s physical features.

    Genetic Testing Results

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    The Counsyl test uses targeted DNA mutation analysis to simultaneously determine the carrier status of an individual for mutations, if any. This report will indicate any mutations detected.

    Childhood Photos

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