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At Midwest Sperm Bank, you are always our top priority. We, therefore, maintain the highest standards of quality control and assurance with regard to all of our cryopreserved donor semen.

It doesn’t stop there, however, for we do much more than that.

Donor Screening

Our sperm donors are individually screened, not just for genetics and infectious diseases, but also for character and personality traits. Additionally, Midwest Sperm Bank’s experts thoroughly evaluate potential donors’ emotional and psychological well-being. As a result of our high standards and requirements, less than 5% of the donor applicants are accepted

Our Staff is ready to help

At Midwest Sperm Bank, our staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect donor that matches your requirements. We are here to answer whatever questions you may have! 

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Quality Assurance

Midwest Sperm Bank evaluates each semen specimen prior to release to ensure that the quality meets our strict high standards. Review a detailed breakdown of our donor screening process below. 

All frozen specimens are Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) ready and priced at $600.00 per vial. 

Each specimen is guaranteed to contain 15 million total motile sperm after thawing with a minimum post-thaw motility of 20%. 

If it is determined that the specimen(s) do not meet Midwest Sperm Bank’s standards, Midwest Sperm Bank will replace the cryopreserved donor specimen(s) for the client’s subsequent cycle. The client, however, is totally responsible for any incurred shipping costs. Midwest Sperm Bank does not refund money paid by the clients for these specimen(s). 


What is it that we offer?

Excellent Quality

At Midwest, we strive to provide the best quality vials for you and your partner. All specimens are guaranteed to contain 15 million total motile sperm after thawing.

Childhood photos

Most of our donors have provided us with childhood photos, ranging from newborn to toddler years. These are purchasable in our shop, and they give you a good insight into what our donors looked like as a baby.

Extended Profiles

All of our donors fill out the extended profile when they join our program. The extended profile contains in depth medical history for the donor and their families. 

Genetic Testing

The Counsyl test (Fundamental Panel) uses targeted DNA mutation analysis to simultaneously determine the carrier status of an
individual for 100 variants associated with 2 diseases. This report indicates which mutations, if any, were detected for each mutation

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